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Amazon Web Services




Cost per month $25 $50
AWS Account Advisor
Schedule Account Advisor
Simple backup management for EBS Instances
Scheduled backups for EBS Instances
Complete VPC Management
Insight into AWS Costs and Spending Analytics
Monitor costs for all your AWS Accounts
Mobile access to your Cost analytics
Mobile Blackberry 9800 version
SMS alerts to your phone
Multiple AWS Accounts
5 20
Scheduled tasks for AWS 10 50
Mobile iPhone version
Mobile Android version
Monitor any number of servers
Enhanced security with two-step verification aka MFA for sign-ins
Complete EC2 management
Complete IAM management
IAM Policy repositories and policy wizard
Complete Route 53 management
Complete SES management
Complete CloudFormation management
Complete RDS management
Estimated incurred costs for current month for instances and db instances
Complete SNS management
CloudFront management
Complete SQS management
Complete CloudWatch management
Complete Elastic Load Balancing management
Complete Auto Scaling management
S3 management - US East and EU
Complete SimpleDB management
Migration for EBS backed linux AMIs and snapshots between regions.
Migration for EBS backed windows 2008 AMIs and NTFS snapshots between regions.
SimpleDB mobile query browser
AWS Service Health alerts
Instance lifecycle monitoring alerts - email, twitter and jabber
EC2 CloudWatch monitoring alerts - email, voice, twitter and jabber
EBS CloudWatch monitoring alerts - email, voice, twitter and jabber
ELB CloudWatch monitoring alerts - email, voice, twitter and jabber
AutoScaling activities alerts - email, voice, twitter and jabber
RDS monitoring alerts - email, voice, twitter and jabber
Mobile CloudWatch for your iPhone and Android
Timeline based visualization for scaling activities, alerts and audits
Sanity checks for ELB
Advanced Tagging for EC2 resources
Usage Trends Visualization for EC2, S3 and SDB
Daily AWS environment Reports
Alerts via email, twitter and jabber
Voice alerts to your phone
User Management
No long-term contracts, no sign-up fee, no setup fee, no termination fee.

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