per month
  • AWS Account based Management
  • Manage AWS Accounts : 25
  • Schedule infrastructure tasks : 50
  • Cross-region management
  • RDS, Route53 and EC2 backups
  • AWS Backup integration
  • Diagram Security Groups
  • Schedule lifecycle - EC2 instances, RDS Clusters
  • Support Case Management
  • Trusted Advisor
  • Security Hub
  • CIS Benchmark Security Reports
  • Inventory search
  • Cross AWS account backups
  • Daily Backup Reports
  • Secure access with Virtual MFA devices or U2F keys
  • IAM Access Analyzer at Account level
  • Resource configuration and compliance history at Account level
per month
  • AWS Organizations based Management
  • Manage ALL accounts in AWS Organizations
  • Schedule tasks at Organization level
  • Cross-region and cross-account management
  • Perform backups at AWS Organization level
  • AWS Backup integration at Organization level
  • Diagram IAM Users, Groups, Roles, Policies
    Diagram Security Groups - VPC and EC2
  • ECS and ECR
  • EKS and Kubernetes
  • Schedule EC2 instances, RDS Clusters at Organization level
  • Case Management at an Organization level
  • Trusted Advisor at an Organization level
  • Security Hub at an Organization level
  • Security Reports at Organization level
  • Inventory incorporating all AWS accounts in an Organization
  • Cross account Backups at Organization level
  • Spending explorer at an Organization level
  • Dashboard overviews of services at either Account or Organization level
  • Analyzer at Account or Organization level
  • Resource configuration and compliance history at an Organization level